POOLS-3 workhops in Brno are already underway.

PELICAN have organized the first of a series of Pools-3 workshop sessions in December 2014. The workshop was attended by ten foreign language teachers from five different institutions. The key project ideas and its outputs were introduced to the teachers. However, the main purpose of the workshop was to give the attendees an opportunity to get first-hand experience of using Multidict, Wordlink, Clilstore and Hot Potatoes.

Participants created a web-based CALL units and placed them on Clilstore. The features of the tools and services were assessed and discussed. The attendees expressed their satisfaction with the functionality and versatility of the tools. What they particularly liked was the user-friendly interface of Hot Potatoes. Some of the attendees encountered difficulty when in an attempt to upload their units on Clilstore. However, they put this fact down to their limited ICT skills and realised how important it is to improve their digital literacy.

Some of the teachers were so intrigued by the tools and new skills that they contacted the management of their institutions to recommend the workshop to all of their teachers. When asked if they were going to use Clilstore and Hot Potatoes in their classes, they responded positively. Time saving aspect, easy sharing of the units and new and unusual approach to teaching foreign languages were cited as the reasons for using the Pools-3 project tools and services in the classroom.

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