During the last months STUCOM has been working on POOLS 3 Catalan Videos. It has been a good experience. We have followed different steps that we would like to share with teachers interested in creating their own educational videos.

First we wrote the scripts of the dialogues, we thought that real situations should be presented, as for example asking for an address, booking a flight or buying a product. Then we selected the people involved in the acting: teachers, students. To do that we looked for the ones who had a good intonation and those who did not speak very fast. Then we selected the materials needed for each recording as maps, bags, computers, and even some trousers. Later we decided the best location for each video. Most of them were filmed indoors but the ones on touristic information were shot outdoors. Then we started shooting the videos. For some of them we did 2 or 3 video shots. When we did the shooting outdoors we used an external microphone because the sound was not good at all. Afterwards one of the teachers, made all the editing using the program that is available for Windows. When external sound had to be added, one of us clapped our hands so was easier for the editing process to add the external sound when the clapping was heard. We asked students to work in the activity and to motivate their creative skills so when one of the students watched the first videos, she created the start and ending of all of them, she is a composer so she added her music to them. Things sometimes were not as easy as we thought so – when shooting the fourth video we realized that it was much easier for the actors to develop the dialogue giving them some hints because if they followed the initial scripts sometimes they were stressed and we had to spend a lot of time repeating the videos so we decided to write the final dialogues after the shooting and editing was finished.

How did we made it stucom

Moreover, some videos had to be made several times because as Catalan is second language in Catalonia, some Spanish words were used so we did them again using the right Catalan words. The experience has been great and we really want to do it again.

One link to watch a video that was shot in the University of Barcelona and a picture taken before the shooting, the actors trying to remember the scripts:

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