How to motivate students with Glogster

I always try to adopt different learning approaches in the classroom. I decided to use an ICT tool called Glogster recently. I had first-hand experience with this tool at the aPLaNet project workshop run by PELICAN two years ago. The experience came in handy for the topic of the lesson which was “Nuestra lengua” (Our language). The tool is really easy to use so it didn’t take very long before my poster was ready. You can have a look at it here:

I shared my work with my students on Facebook the following day. They liked the poster and were very interested in getting to know the tool and its features. We had a kind of a workshop and now they are ready to use it to produce their own posters, using text, video and audio. Groups of students have been assigned the task of creating a poster to express their association with Spain and Spanish. They are completely free in terms of resources used. They are very keen to start work as soon as possible and deliver the best product possible.

I find Glogster a great tool that can be used for project work and to motivate students to show the progress they have made.

¡Vale la pena echar un vistazo a los collajes! 🙂

Petra Stantejska, Spanish Teacher

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