If you belong to the group of people who are considering learning a foreign language but you still have not found enough resolution to sign in to a course, this short article should motivate you to do so. In fact there are different unconventional and more fun forms of language lessons apart from the common courses which most of the language schools provide.


The fact that learning foreign languages can be fun was confirmed to us at a recent meeting of a project Web2Learn which focuses on introduction of adults (mainly parents but not only them) to contemporary web 2.0 tools and possibilities in a way that they can use for their personal growth as well as for development of their own children. People from various European countries speaking different languages encountered at this very meeting. One of the main activities lied in the teaching of a foreign language in an entertaining way. The point was to teach the foreign colleagues to say what their names are, where they came from and what languages they could speak in several different languages. Every participating person including representatives of the Language School Pelican, that held the meeting, experienced speaking of several European languages.


You can consider the fact that such form of learning of foreign languages is not boring at all by watching the attached video. In case you already experienced a similar study method or if you think of different ways of how to make learning of foreign languages more interesting, please do not hesitate to share with us by a short comment.

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