How to Make First-rate Audio Recordings? Easier Than Ever!

There is no reason to be worried about a sound processing.  Firstly, we cannot forget that success in audio recording is based on two main pillars – hardware and software aspects. The better result you want to achieve, the better hardware device you need to use. If you do not have access to the top quality devices, you can use a voice recorder, a microphone integrated in your laptop or even a smartphone microphone which also achieves satisfactory results nowadays.

There is a need to put emphasis on a software aspect of the matter as well. An appropriate programme can help you more than you might imagine. When we were working on the POOLS-3 audio recordings, we used Audacity 1.3 which is probably the best existing free audio editor and recorder. The whole programme is user friendly and all the features are accessible and intuitive even for beginners. You can try this easy-to-use tool to record and convert audio, edit several format types, cut, splice and mix sounds, etc.

Now you know everything you need so let´s get down to work!

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One Response to How to Make First-rate Audio Recordings? Easier Than Ever!

  1. Yan says:

    Don´t hesitate to let us know about your experience with audio editings! 🙂

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