is a private Education and Training organisation founded in 1980 in Barcelona, recognised by the Ministry of Education in Spain.  It delivers secondary, vocational and adult education with 1000 students and 52 teachers- our students population covers from 17 till 30 years old as we also offer in company training and funded courses for unemployed people

We also provide Vocational training on E-Learning basis through our E-Learning platform, for those students who are working and can’t attend school and for those who have any disability to make it easier for them their training.

Our organization has worked for more than 10 years in European projects and every year we send 50/ 60 students to do their training in companies in UK, Finland, Germany,  Sweden and we plan and are starting  a long term cooperation with Malta with the help of Opportunities Aid Foundation and  Maltimedia House.


Stucom wants their students to learn other languages and to learn about other cultures and countries  that is why we motivate our students and staff to take part in our projects and international cultural activities to get to know other countries to motivate them to travel and to learn other languages   and culture that is why every year we celebrate a day of a country to let students know about it and to motivate them to travel and to work there.

Charo Cuart

londres cabina

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