The multilingual magazine PELICAN is a unique educational project of PELIKAN School of Languages.

The magazine is the result of the students’ work. Each class writes an article on a selected topic in Czech and a foreign language, so all articles in the magazine are bilingual. Besides students’ articles, contributions from European experts on education and teachers are published too.

The magazine is designed to be used as a tool of language learning and contains articles in English, German, Spanish, French and Russian.

3,000 copies of the magazine are distributed free to local schools, universities, public places and our partners’ institutions across Europe. It is also available online on pelicanmag.wordpress.com.

The video was made in order to promote the magazine and to show the process of creating the magazine.

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  1. Inspiring project, ispiring video and inspiring article. Looking forward to the new issue of the magazine. It is going to be better than ever before!

  2. Gordon Wells says:

    Nice job! I hope we can get a visit to KOISHI when we come to Brno. It’s a long time since I had good sushi – though we may have to leave Kent behind if they only do fish… 🙂

  3. pelicanmag says:

    You will get BEST sushi in your life in Brno in KOISHI, Gordon 😉 I promise!

    • Gordon Wells says:

      That really is something to look forward to! I had some pretty good sushi when I was living in Japan… :-). But it was such a long time ago my memory is not completely trustworthy. KOISHI in Roman letters is a clever name. It suggests both KOI (carp) and OISHII (delicious)!

  4. charo says:

    great job:)

  5. Yan says:

    Good job! Looking forward to the next issue 😉
    I would love to check Koishi as well – when will you invite me, Stefan?

  6. new edition coming soon 🙂

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